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olivia cruise

Dj Pat Pat on Olivia

You are invited to cruise the Mayan Caribbean and celebrate Thanksgiving with ME! Pack your sense of adventure and hop onboard Olivia’s Mayan Caribbean Culinary Cruise (November 23-30, 2014) with me…and 1250 lesbians! Come dance the night away as I spin for our nightly Club O, explore the Mayan Caribbean as we cruise through Mexico, Guatamala and Hounduras; tempt your→  Read Post


DJ Pat Pat in Orland at GIW

The weekend’s hottest ticket Girls in Wonderland not to be missed! This legendary party spot sizzles as 2000 women take over the dance floor moving their freshly sun-kissed bodies to the beat rock, Hip Hop and House music. Extra eye candy supplied by Pandora’s hot go-go dancers. While the hottest girl Djs make their magic indoors, there’s also live women’s→  Read Post