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DJ Pat Pat has a way with the crowd.  It’s not just her 20 years of experience at a mixing desk, nor is it her high energy beats and her ability to read the room and give party-goers just what they want before they even know they want it.  It’s a beam of positive energy and passion that she emits from the depths of her music-loving soul.  It’s her bright smile and vibrant personality coming through with each musical expression she hand delivers with each set.

An icon in the music industry, DJ Pat Pat has built an empire though hard work, fierce determination, passion, and purpose, and still loves every minute of what she does.  Born in Miami, Florida, she is heavily influenced by her Cuban roots and has made a name for herself as an opening act for renowned artists like Pitbull, Chris Brown, Flo Rida, and many more.  She was also part of the infamous Ultra Music Festival for its first 12 years and rocks more than 150 events every year, including international cruise lines, major corporate events, festivals, and much more, bringing her musical ingenuity and fine tuned skills to each and every one.

Her music leads her around the world where she mixes and video DJ’s all different genres of music including Hip Hop, Latin, Reggae, House, and much more. Her popularity has allowed her to dominate the airwaves as a DJ on FLY 98.5 every Sunday from 6pm-12am (listen on the radio or stream it online), and as a DJ on Shaquille O’Neal’s ShaqFu Radio App (listen for free when you download the app from your app store).

Her individual sound comes together in two compilation mixes she has released every June for the past 12 years and counting.  These mixes include intros by famous hosts such as Pitbull, Whitney Mixer from the Real L Word, and Rose Garcia from the Real L Word.  Each mix is carefully and masterfully crafted to create a precise and colorful expression of each track, leading to a compilation injected with high-energy and a unique DJ Pat Pat sound. You can listen to her current and past releases on Soundcloud or MixCloud.

When you want good vibes and a killer set, you call DJ Pat Pat. Follow her around the world for more updates!

For more information, or to book DJ Pat Pat, contact:
Office: (239) 649-7427
Email: DJPatPat@icloud.com 
Web: www.djpatpat.com   www.soundcloud.com/djpatpat   www.mixcloud.com/djpatpat 
Social Media: www.facebook.com/djpatpat   www.twitter.com/djpatpat   www.instagram.com/djpatpat   www.snapchat.com/djpatpat


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